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4 Fit Mommies: Join the 8 Week-Challenge

We all have New Year’s Resolutions but it can be hard to follow through without a plan!! That is where I come in!! My 8-Week Challenge will begin on January 1st. I have a couple spots open still for December too for anyone who wants to get a jump start.

This is perfect for those of you who want to make BIG changes in your health. I will give you a nutrition and training program that is easy to follow. Believe me, I know how hard it can be to fit workouts in when you have work, family, and a household to run. I will show you what to eat and what workouts to do each day to reach your goals.

The best part of this program is the accountability. You will be checking in with me weekly and can email me anytime you need a little boost.

I will include workouts you can do at home as well as at a gym. I will give you your grocery shopping lists ahead of time so you are prepared. You CAN’T go wrong on this program.

All you have to do is either comment below that you wish to join or send me an email at I will send you all the information you need to join.

This program works best for people who wish to lose weight, build muscle, lose body fat, challenge themselves and/or push themselves to a whole nother level!!

Lets go!!! Together we will make 2015 the FITTEST most BADASS year yet!!

4 Fit Mommies: 14 High Protein Recipes

It Works ProFit shakes come in vanilla and chocolate and you can add some healthy ingredients to each to make them taste even yummier that they are plain.

I usually replace soy with Almond milk because I like the taste better.  The other one that isn’t on here that I like is taking a Vanilla shake and adding a Starbucks Via coffee pack to it. 🙂

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4 Fit Mommies: 90 Day Challenge is Coming for 2015!!!

Alright my friends, be on the lookout!! I WILL be doing a 90 Day Challenge starting January 1st. I am putting the finishing touches on it right now and I gotta say, I would do it even if I wasn’t the one who made it LOL. I’m super excited to help you all achieve your health and wellness goals. Together we will make 2015 the healthiest, fittest most bad ass year yet!!!


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