4 Fit Mommies: Diet Tips That Work

Tired of following the fad diets only to gain all the weight back within weeks? Sure we all spend time sifting through celebrity workouts and diets to find the ONE thing that will actually WORK for us without us having to really DO anything. If you’re like me and you want results quickly and easily, these 10 tips will help.

1. Throw away the scale (the food one). Please, please, please stop measuring your food. It’s making me nuts just listening to you talk about it. NO ONE sticks to consistently measuring their food for the rest of their lives. NO ONE. I don’t care if you say that you do, I know you don’t. Just be a smidge smarter about your choices and order a portion that makes sense for a human being and not for an elephant.

2. Keep fruit at work. Trust me, this will help you out during the 3pm-need-chocolate-now time.

3. Shake it. Have on hand a shaker of protein powder. When you are STARVING fill it up with water and have a protein shake instead of a snickers bar.

4. Avoid buffets like the plague. Do I really need to say more about this one??

5. Brush your teeth after you eat dinner. Its way harder to snack before bed when you have a clean mouth.

6. Take your before picture. And put it on your fridge, your cupboards, your pantry, your snack drawer at work – anywhere you might be tempted to grab something less than stellar to eat. And please make it an actual before, don’t be sucking it in and photo shopping yourself. You are not a Kardashian.

7. Cut the liquid calories. Say no to juices, soda, coffee drinks and yes – alcohol. I know it sucks but if it were easy we would all be skinny.

8. Wear tighter  clothes. Or shape wear underneath your normal clothes. You will lay off the fries if you have something form fitting on.

9. Water, water and more water. Fill up a pretty pitcher with water and cucumber slices or lemon slices and drink, drink, drink!! The more you drink the more you shrink.

10. Pack it up. After cooking serve yourself (and whomever else) and then IMMEDIATELY pack up the leftovers and put them into the fridge. You are way less likely to go back for seconds if they are already put away.


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