4 Fit Mommies: Why I Hate Sunday Nights

Here it is again. Sunday night. I dread this time each week. I try hard not to think about it but it unfortunately keeps coming back. Again and again.

You may be wondering why I’m not a fan of Sunday evenings. I am a full time working Mom of two perfect toddler boys, one is 4 and one is 2. They are my life. Monday morning I have to take my two babies to daycare so that I can go to work. It rips my heart out. It makes me want to cry starting on Sunday nights. All I think about is how much of their lives I am missing.

Financially it’s not possible for me to not have an income. I am working on building a business but right now it’s not to the point that I can leave my full time job to be home with my children. I’ve been telling myself that once the kids are in school I’ll want to be working so it doesn’t make sense for me to stop now. But in the past couple of months I’ve had this “aha” moment for lack of a better term.

When they are in school, I don’t want them to go to before and after school care. I want to be able to go on field trips with them.  I want to be the one they come home to. I want to be the one who helps them with their homework. I want to hear about their days before anyone else does.

Now don’t get me wrong, my kids do like their daycare. They go to a YMCA run daycare, the program is wonderful, their teachers are amazing. I would say it’s about twice a week that I have a rough drop off, that one of them is upset with me leaving. My kids are not the ones who are crying and screaming and running after me. So I thank GOD do not have to deal with that. If I did I probably would have quit my job on the spot and we would of had to sell our house or something. I feel HORRIBLE for parents who have to deal with that every morning.

But I MISS my kids. I miss them so much it literally hurts. I am literally crying just writing this. I know I need to figure out something to bring me home to them full time. I have a health and wellness background, I have been a fitness professional for over 10 years. I made the choice to become an It Works Global Distributor.

There are people making $40-$60 grand a month. A MONTH!!! I don’t even need that, I just need to make enough to be home with my kids. I have an incredibly supportive husband who wants this for me and for our family. I have a wonderful team of distributors who have been in the business for a few years, have been able to retire from their careers and even retire their husbands to give me the tips and advice to be successful.

Yes it’s hard. I work full time, I am a wife, a mother, I have a household to run. Doing this on the side requires alot of motivation, persistence, and sacrifice. I am up early, go to bed late, and I work whenever I can. I have decided to share my experience with all of you. If any of you feels the way that I do, this might be your answer too.

My kids are worth it. They are worth me being tired. They are worth me getting out of my comfort zone.

The good news is that this company is awesome. I’ve been able to try alot of the products out and they actually freaking work. Oh and they are natural and safe. Pretty amazing. And I can make money? Enough to do this full time? I’m in!! I will keep you all posted as the weeks go on.


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