4 Fit Mommies: Find Your Why

I recently had a conversation with a friend who is struggling to lose weight. She is having a hard time staying motivated, making time to plan out meals so she’s eating a lot of meals out, and exercising because currently 5 minutes is very hard for her.

So what was my first assignment for her? Find your why.

When I say that I mean more than wanting to fit into smaller clothes or lose the mom belly. Those are great reasons to START a program, but not to stick with it. Your why will get you to where you want to be, it will stop you from hitting snooze in the morning and from eating that donut. You will visualize and revisit your why over and over.

Let me tell you mine. I have two actually. The first is that my husband isn’t very healthy. He tends to eat badly and rarely works out. One of us needs to be an example for our boys. Childhood obesity is on the rise and I want my kids to know what a good food choice is and what isn’t. I also involve them in my workouts which they LOVE to do.

My second why is I am a b–ch when I don’t feel good about myself. I take it out on everyone around me. Including my husband. I refuse to allow my children to grow up in an unhappy household. I want to be 100% present for my kids and my husband.

Those are my whys, why I get up at 5am to workout. Why I stick with carb cycling. Why I keep changing up my routine to challenge myself. Those are my whys, what’s yours?


4 Fit Mommies: Move of the Week

Question: My arms are flabby!! Is there a simple exercise to help tone them up?

Answer: Of course! When you’ve got toned arms you no longer have to wear baggy long sleeved shirts. You can even (gasp) go SLEEVELESS!! With sculpted triceps you ditch the upper arm jiggle.

Get started with tricep kickbacks, a great beginner exercise to target the back of you upper arms.

Tricep Kickbacks


Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stand shoulder width apart, slight bend in the knees, chest lifted, shoulder back and down.

Hinge forward at the waist, keeping your back nice and flat. Drive the elbows back so they are tucked into your sides, palmns should be facing your torso.

Keeping your arms tight into you body, straighten at the elbow and drive the weights back so that your arms are parallel to the ground.

Hold for a second, take a nice deep breath in, and slowly lower your arms to the starting position. Repeat.

Work your way up to 20 repetitions.

4 Fit Mommies: DIY Pedicure

toes 2

Even though summer is wrapping up I for one still like having smooth, pretty feet and toes all throughout the winter. What I don’t always like is having to pay for it. So here’s my at home pedicure routine:

1. Soak those piggies!!

Just because you are doing this at home does not mean you should skip this step. It cleans your feet and softens dead skin cells to ready them for exfoliation. Plus it feels wonderful!!

As you are filling the tub with warm water, remove all your old nail polish. Add to the water a teaspoon of tea tree oil, a cap full of witch hazel, a half cup of Epsom salts, and 3 drops of peppermint oil. This combination will cleanse, rejuvenate and freshen your skin. Soak it up for about 10 minutes.

2. Exfoliate that dead skin

To scrub off the rough spots look for an exfoliant that has medium size crystals, like sugar or salt crystals, and moisturizing agents like jojoba or almond oil. Take a quarter size amount of the scrub and rub each foot for a minute or two. Start at the toes and work your way up the calves in small circles. Rinse with warm water.

3. Smooth away the bumps

Get rid of those nasty calluses with a pumice stone or a lava rock. Wet the stone/rock down with warm water and a dab of body wash (something very gentle like Dove works great). Use a back-and-forth motion and lightly scrape your heels, toes and bottoms of your feet. The trick is to be LIGHT. Don’t scrub so hard that it hurts, be gentle.

4. Trim and file

Using a strong clipper made for toenails trim the toes straight across and then use a nail file to smooth out the sides. I recommend going with a slightly rounded shape so you do not get ingrown nails.

5. Moisturize and massage

Choose a moisturizer that is made for your feet. Take about a quarter size amount for your heels, toes and calves. Use circular motions to let the moisturizer sink into your skin. Then take your knuckles and press down gently and kneed the arches of your feet.

6. Polish

First wipe off your toenails with some nail polish remover to get rid of any leftover moisturizer. Then use a clear basecoat, next your color. Start at the cuticle and swipe straight up to the top of your toenails. Then swipe on either side. After 10 toes, add on a second coat. Finish with a clear topcoat to prevent any chipping.

Once your nails are dry massage in a few drops of cuticle oil to really pump up the shine. You are done!!

4 Fit Mommies: Tricks to Becoming a Morning Exercise Person

You’ve set the alarm. You climb into bed super pumped about the morning. This is is!! You are FINALLY going to do it, you will be getting up at 5am to begin your road to health and fitness. Look out world, here I come!!

Then your alarm actually goes off. You think “there is no way it is already 5”. Snooze. Alarm goes off again. Snooze, roll over. You begin thinking “well maybe I can still get 30 minutes in. Is it even worth it now? Should I just start tomorrow? Could I workout at lunch? Maybe after work? While the kids are sleeping? I should get up. Just get up. . . . . . .  FORGET IT. Alarm reset”.


Sound familiar? Here are a few tricks to get yourself motivated to actually get out of bed when your alarm goes off.

1. Dress for success – the night before.

Why bother wasting valuable sleeping time to get your workout clothes on? Just go to bed wearing them!! They are already comfortable. That just bought you an extra 10 minutes of sleep.

2. Update your buddy system.

We all know having someone else to be accountable to works. Ask a friend to meet you at the gym for your workouts. Or you can always ask your trainer or class instructor to tweet or text you “Can’t wait to see your sweaty face in the morning.”

3. Stash mints in your night stand.

Pop one in your mouth when the first alarm goes off. The rush of flavor will help to wake you up. Your body will start getting ready for food making it harder for you to roll back over and sleep. Plus you may not want to sleep while sucking on a mint. .

4. Give yourself a pep talk WITH mental pictures.

After the alarm goes off, lay there with your eyes closed and visualize your reason for wanting to exercise in the first place. Is there an event you want to be in shape for? A dress you’ve been dying to buy? A guy you want to impress? Figure out your why and make that your first thought.

5. Tell your alarm you need some space.

Put the alarm across the room, forcing you to have to get up and walk over to it. It’s ALOT harder to go back to sleep once you are physically out of bed.

4 Fit Mommies: Loose the Love Handles 14 Day Challenge


Day 1: 10 Russian Twists, 10 Standing Weighted Twists, 10 Second Side Plank

Day 2: Repeat

Day 3: 12 Russian Twists, 12 Standing Weighted Twists, 10 Second Side Plank

Day 4: Repeat

Day 5: REST!!

Day 6: 15 Russian Twists, 15 Standing Weighted Twists, 15 Second Side Plank

Day 7: Repeat

Day 8: 17 Russian Twists, 17 Standing Weighted Twists, 17 Second Side Plank

Day 9: Repeat

Day 10: REST!!

Day 11: 20 Russian Twists, 20 Standing Weighted Twists, 20 Second Side Plank

Day 12: Repeat

Day 13: 22 Russian Twists, 22 Standing Weighted Twists, 22 Second Side Plank

Day 14: 25 Russian Twist, 25 Standing Weighted Twists, 25 Second Side Plank

Russian Twist

photo 4

Standing Weighted Twist


Side Plank


4 Fit Mommies: Top Home Remedies for Clear Skin

Who doesn’t want picture perfect flawless skin? Clear and beautiful skin is one of the main elements of a person’s beauty. Healthy skin helps to make you feel beautiful as well.

Your skin care regimen and lifestyle habits are the primary predictors of your skin’s health. Some of the leading causes of problematic skin are stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, pollution, damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, excessive smoking and alcohol use.

There are millions of skincare products out there that promise to give you clear and glowing skin. There are some home remedies that are simple and easy to do. Here are my top 3:

1. Lemon

Lemon is one of the best ingredients for clear skin. The citric acid present in lemons helps keep the skin clear by removing dead cells, and it’s vitamin C content helps reduce dark spots.

  • Apply fresh squeezed lemon juice to your entire face and neck. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water

2. Tumeric

Tumeric is an excellent antiseptic and skin-lightening agent that helps minimize scars and other marks. Tumeric also can alleviate allergic, inflammatory and infectious skin disorders that make your skin look dull and lifeless.

  • Mix one tablespoon of tumeric powder with enough pineapple juice to make a paste. Leave it on until the past dries completely then wash off with lukewarm water.

3. Honey

To enjoy clear skin you need to keep it well moisturized. Honey is a great moisturizer and also has antibacterial properties that help ward off infection.

  • Apply raw honey directly onto your skin. Let is dry naturally and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

4 Fit Mommies: The Secret To Flatter, Tighter Abs

We all want it, a flat stomach with some definition. Most ladies crunch and crunch and crunch, get frustrated when they don’t get results, and GIVE UP. There’s a better way!!

Crunches are NOT the way to get a flat stomach!!! Have you tried that crazy wrap thing? If you haven’t, you NEED TO!


That is me! My actual before and after one treatment of It Works! Wraps. The wrap (or Ultimate Body Applicator) is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning and firming results when applied to the skin.

  • Tighten, tones and firms
  • Minimizes cellulite appearance
  • improves skin texture and tightness
  • Mess-free and simple to use
  • Results in as little as 45 minutes
  • Progressive results over 72 hours
  • Made with natural ingredients

Get it here http://www.4fitmommies.com

How does it work? Simply apply the wrap to your abdomen, leave it on for 45 minutes and remove. THAT’S IT!!!


Why wouldn’t you want to use something that is natural and WORKS??? Now nothing will replace a good diet and exercise program, we all know that. But this will supplement what you are already doing in the gym and in the kitchen.


Take a look at http://www.4fitmommies.com for yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts!!